I lead Product Strategy at Medallia, an enterprise software company that helps the biggest companies in the world listen to their customers and improve their businesses accordingly. Previously, I was at BloomReach, another enterprise software company, where I led our efforts to expand our offerings into new markets.

I started a company, 7C Wireless, in 2007 with the goal of buying wireless spectrum licenses in the 2008 auction by the FCC of 700 MHz spectrum and improving broadband access in rural areas of the United States. We lobbied the FCC (successfully), and the company was acquired by Triad 700. Together, we were among the largest value bidders in the auction. 

I've also been an investor. I worked with Battery Ventures and Rho Ventures to invest in communications services, compute infrastructure, and enterprise applications.

I've blogged on and off since blogging first emerged in the early 2000s. I diverted my focus—like everyone it seems—to social media and recently pulled back. (Jaron Lanier sums up how I feel about social media in his book Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now.) I love good writing and aspire to write more. This blog is a collection of thoughts and a catalog of the readings, thinkers, builders, art, and artists that have had an impact on me.